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A Radical Feminist Perspective on Prostitution

Sam Berg, founder of Genderberg was born and grew up in New York but found home in Portland, Oregon. An activist, bicyclist, vegetarian, and a whole lot of other goody-two-shoes progressive type things, she currently shares living space with a beloved partner and three cats. In 2002 she co-founded S.H.A.G., Sexual Health Activist Group, to organize actions with young people for sexual education and reproductive rights, and in March 2004 she co-founded A.P.A.N., Antiporn Activist Network.
Lately Sam has focused her feminist energies towards sexual autonomy, bodily integrity and equal human rights for all women. Towards these ends she has dedicated herself to educating people about the inherent harms of sexual capitalism.

“I’ve got the stretch marks to prove even God didn’t anticipate the woman I would become.” -sam

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