Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation

Florence Ali is President of The Ghanaian Association for Women’s Welfare , an NGO working towards eliminating harmful traditional practices against women and children with female genital mutilation as a global concern being high on their list of priorities. Florence was previously a midwife and acted as the principle nursing officer for the public health administration in charge of the Accra region in Ghana.

Three million girls and women are subjected to genital mutilation, a dangerous and potentially life threatening procedure that causes unspeakable pain and suffering. This practive violates girl’s and women’s basic human rights, denying them of their physical and mental integrity, their right to freedom from violence and discrimination, and in the most extreme case, of their life.
*****This show includes descriptions of the various types of fgm, theories on why and when the practive began, a comparison of UN’s definition of harmful cultural practices to Western Beauty Practives as well as strategies to help eliminate FGM . *****

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