Lagusta Yearwood

Veganism and Feminism

Lagusta Yearwood is an American-born vegan chef and activist. She runs Lagusta’s Luscious Vegeterian Home Meal Delivery Service, which delivers fresh healthy food from New Paltz to NYC, and makes vegan chocolate truffles which she ships directly to consumers and sells in select stores. In addition, she works on a wide variety of volunteer projects including her local Green Party and a member-owned food co-op she is helping to create. She also worked on the newest Bloodroot Cookbook set, “The Best of Bloodroot,” put out by Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. She lives with her three cats and her sweetheart, Jacob, in New Paltz, NY.

*****This show includes discussions on queering animal rights, cultural myths about veganism, culturally diversifying animal rights, a class analysis of the animal rights movement and of course, WHY WE CAN’T STAND PETA!. *****